Our Company

Loberg Roofing, Inc. was originally founded in 1983 by Phillip and Susanna Loberg. Our philosophy now is the same as it was then, “The right roof at the right price”. With that, the company that began over 30 years ago in a home basement is now one of the largest roofing contractors in the Pacific Northwest.

Knowledge and training makes the difference.

We strive to find the balance of quality and craftsmanship at a reasonable price to give you the best possible value. To accomplish this, we do things a little differently here at Loberg. Our estimators are on salary. They are not paid by commission so there is no incentive to sell you unnecessary upgrades or resort to fear tactics to close the deal. Our estimators also all come from a roofing background, they are not professional sales men. Every roof is unique and they have the field experience to know what your roof will need to be able to continue to protect your home. We also pay our roofers hourly rather than per job. This enables them to take the time that quality requires in their attention to detail. Knowledge and training make the difference because, again, we want you to have the best possible value.


  • Membrane Roofing Systems such as PVC, TPO and EPDM
  • Granulated Torchdown Systems
  • Standing Seam Metal Roofing


  • Architectural Composition Roofing in 30, 40 and 50 year Shingles
  • 100% Vertical Grain Cedar Shakes
  • Low Slope and Flat Roofs, Walking decks
Had the pleasure of working with Loberg Roofing this week. We have a mutual customer and when they put her roof on, her gutter protection was inadvertently damaged. They were quick to respond and take responsibility. Their response to this problem showed a high level of ethics, which is sometimes lacking in the building trades. It was a pleasure working with you guys! Very well done, and thank you ~Ruth Martin
They were quick to respond and take responsibility. ~John Smith
It was a pleasure working with you guys! Very well done, and thank you ~Emily Johnson

Our Team

Picture of Mark Gobble

Mark Gobble


With 30 years in the industry and over 25 of them here at Loberg, Mark brings seasoned expertise and a very successful track record to bear. His management philosophy is based on responsibility and mutual respect which is why most of the employees have been with the company for such a long time.

Picture of Bryan Loberg

Bryan Loberg


Bryan Loberg is skilled in roofing, supervising the crews, providing them with safety training and keeping them up to date with roofing standards for over 20 years.

Picture of Jessica Loberg-Marty

Jessica Loberg-Marty


Working diligently behind the scenes, Jessica has provided a smooth running office for over 15 years.

Picture of Blake Atwell

Blake Atwell

General Manager

Blake has been with Loberg Roofing since the 80's. His extensive knowledge & expertise in roofing systems and implementation helps customers make informed decisions about meeting their roofing needs.

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